Who are LAI and what we do

The League Against Intoxicants (LAI) is a non-governmental, non-profit, voluntary organisation in Norway. Our objective is to mobilise people in the struggle against the dissemination and use of intoxicants, and the injuries and harm caused by those substances.

We have especially aimed our efforts towards university-and high school students and others working in the field of education, in co-operation with similar organisations, taking responsibility for informing other segments of the Norwegian population, in order to prevent alcohol and drug problems in the whole society.

The LAI works through single members and supporters, who speak their minds about the necessity to engage oneself in the struggle against intoxicants, to break the peer pressure to use alcohol and drugs, to show solidarity with people already harmed by intoxicants, and disseminate the views and materials published by the organisation.

We arrange educational courses in Norway, publish the periodical "Mot Rusgift" (Against Intoxicants) and have a relatively well-developed Norwegian web site. Our English pages are comparably poorer, but we translate selected materials to English, and will in the coming months emphasise the dissemination of information to our English-speaking visitors. This is partly due to the fact that about one third of the visitors to our net site are foreigners, visiting our English pages. It is also a fact that lenient attitudes towards intoxicant use are widespread throughout the world, and that people opposing alcohol and drug problems need to organise and join forces and ideas across the borders. Beyond that we hope our choice of material presented and the views expressed there will speak for themselves.