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Welcome to the English website of the League Against Intoxicants (LAI)

(Our Norwegian name: Forbundet Mot Rusgift - FMR).
On this website we present documents or links to documents which we think might be valuable to understand the drug situation in the world, in the family, within youth groups, and the relationship between the single individual, the society and the intoxicants.

Activists alerted to proposal that aggressive marketing of alcohol be allowed

Is this the way for public buildings and institutions to make money?


Young brains are developing and vulnerable, but marketeers don't seem to care

Invitation to discuss the harmful effects of online alcohol marketing


European survey on exposure that reach youth

Too much exposure to alcohol marketing


Increase in deaths caused by "legal highs" and amphetamines

On drug related deaths in England


Some factors seem to have contributed to decrease in deaths caused by heroin

Experts on addiction are not convinced by Gupta

Is weed that innocent?


Ignorance as to research and evidence

Advertising alcohol products is not harmless


Video revealing how the alcohol business follow self imposed guidelines


Research testing mice, shows vulnerable period

Strong indication that cannabis causes lasting damage to teenage brains


The industry does not regulate itself sufficiently

Paid brand placement of alcohol in movies rated for underaged viewers is a problem


Several suggestions as to how law enforcement can counter the enticing effects of alcohol placement in movies for underaged viewers

Children know more alcohol brands than ice cream and cake brands

Increased exposure to alcohol ads in television seen by children in the UK.


The industry argues that its self regulation is effective, since there is less drinking in younger people.  (One might wonder if that's the reason they are increasing exposure!!)

Test groups of youth with findings in several countries

Survey on European self regulation in alcohol marketing


In Norway, explicit alcohol marketing is forbidden. In other countries the alcohol industries are expected to regulate their marketing by ethical codes that protect minors from exposure. This survey sums up findings as to how that works.

Several norwegian researchers' findings

Diversity in causes and characteristics of drug- induced deaths in an urban setting


Most deaths happen at home, soon after incarceration or treatment has ended, several drugs are involved.. etc..  .. These findings should lead to consequences as to how drug-induced deaths can be prevented.

A study on alcohol consumption in relation to marital stability

On marriage and alcohol


Senator Mark Leno has stunned public health and safety advocates

Fighting harmful consequences of extending opening hours from 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. in California

Read the reasons why this is a bad proposal.



Including staying away from alcohol as a part of a strong identity ..

On the power of identity - a talk on TED


A blog and a summary from a european point of view

From UN's conference on drugs 2013


Reservation suffers from a 2/3 of its population being alcoholics, and the authorities do not follow through on wanted regulations

Devastating impact due to lack of respecting the non-sales policy


This year's Commission on Narcotic Drugs takes place from 11th-15th March 2013

EURAD update on United Nation's Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND)


by Sutin AR, Evans MK, Zonderman AB, Florida State University College of Medicine

Personality traits and illicit substances: The moderating role of poverty.


The five factor model in relation to usage of illicit substances

Alcohol lobbyists work against minor regulations

California struggles for its regulations on alcohol


A failure, it seems

Reviewing the results of Drug decriminalization in Portugal


The 26th of June every year.

International Day against drug abuse and trafficking


Link to affiliates

From the viewpoint of Australia


Comments on surprising decision making versus drug free treatment of addiction

Letter to the norwegian Secretary of Health from presidental counselor

A Phoenix House treatment center in Norway is denied funding, on the basis of short sighted decision based on a competitive policy regarding treatment facilities.

Pressure on Brazil to give up on its ban on alcohol during football matches

Brazil has dealt with the problems of violent and hurtful behavior during football matches by prohibiting alcohol on the tribunes. FIFA seems to be listening more to industrial marketing forces than concerns for an event that everyone can enjoy.

World Drug Report 2006:

UN drugs chief sounds warning about Afghan opium production and cocaine consumption in Europe

WASHINGTON, June 26 2006 (UNODC) - Cocaine consumption in western Europe is reaching alarming levels while opium production in Afghanistan could rise again this year despite a welcome decline in 2005, the Executive Director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Antonio Maria Costa, said on Monday.


Landmark EU report shows the full burden of alcohol in Europe

Each year alcohol kills 115.000 people in Europe and costs 125 billion euros to EU society. This is equivalent to 1.3% GDP.

Actis - Norwegian Policy Network on Alcohol and Drugs:

Drugs Policy Platform - Now available in English

The Drugs Policy Platform for Actis - which was adopted in September 2004 is now available also in English.


Student Drug-Testing Programs: Overview and Resource Guide

At the EURAD summit meeting in Oslo recently the advantages and disadvantages of student drug testing programmes were debated. A new programme is compiled and written by C. E. Edwards & The Student Drug-Testing Coalition. The EURAD board thought it useful to discuss this program, and therefore decided to link to it from their Website, as well as from the sites of the member organisations.

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