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Welcome to the English website of the League Against Intoxicants (LAI)

(Our Norwegian name: Forbundet Mot Rusgift - FMR).
On this website we present documents or links to documents which we think might be valuable to understand the drug situation in the world, in the family, within youth groups, and the relationship between the single individual, the society and the intoxicants.

Longitudinal studies shows that pot use influences neurocognitive development

Regular pot-use harms young brains


Even people who like a drink thinks this is going too far

Alcohol brands and marketing seems targeted for kids


The self regulatory system is their argument

On online alcohol marketing - a research


Problematic, as it is attractive to children and youth

(Not considerate of health)

Walmart's strategy on beer sales


How a legal intoxicant seller thinks

WHO rapport 2014 on world alcohol consumption and related health issues


UNODC drug report 2014

Press release on drug use worldwide


Drug usage seems quite stable, but the need for health care and human rights for addicts is a problem.

Written in German: Tausende deutsche trinken sich zu tode

Thousands of germans drink themselves to death


Scientific evidence for connection between alcohol consumption and cancer

Complaint about health advertisment from alcohol industry rejected


Marianne Skar argues on bases of dietary needs and choices

Consumers have the right to know contents in alcoholic beverages as well


Concerns that must be addressed

Five points to consider when writing about cannabis and legizlation


Research on impact of marihuana on amygdala and nucleus accumbens

Neurological brain changes in young recreational cannabis users


Restrictions on advertising is necessary

Alcohol ads exposed to youth, increases drinking


Statement from the LAI annual meeting

The LAI (Forbundet Mot Rusgift) calls for Barack Obama to stop cannabis legalization


A therapist on how alcohol usage by parents have affected students

Alcohol and PTSD


Alcohol usage is not just your own business

WHO mentions alcohol as a major risk increasing factor

Fighting cancer worldwide


The background for current and future legislation

On Finland's restrictions on advertising for alcohol from January 1st 2015


Social media give new challenges in games, lotteries.. and sharings, product placement etc..

Banning of "legal highs" will be easier

From a two-year long procedure to ten months


Guardian students point out how the bingeing culture is a problem

Binge drinking is not harmless


Dealing with your own addiction or that of a loved one

Links to advice for overcoming addiction in the United States


A video on a research paper in social media..

The Culture of Intoxication


What happens before and after.  Alcohol marketing. .

Many countries look to Iceland in order to deal with problems

Conference on how substance abuse has been reduced in Iceland's youth


Claims of overrating the harmful effects, were not found trustworthy

Irish government voted 111 against 8 against legislation of cannabis


" Cannabis use is associated with a range of physical and psychological harm, drug addiction, road traffic accidents, learning outcomes, reduced employment opportunities and relationship problems . Research published last year also shows that those who start using cannabis before the age of 18 are particularly susceptible to the damaging effects of cannabis, particularly neuropsychological decline . "

A research paper is presented by Avalon de Bruijn

On the effect of online marketing of alcohol


The groundbreaking therapist, Marsha Linehan talks about her personal background

Substance abuse is mentioned in the diagnostic criteria for BPD


Mind altering substances for "recreational purposes" should be avoided according to her manual

From a EURAD conference

On Portugal's ban on psychoactive drugs


Research is needed on the effects.

Big Alcohol is lobbying against it

Despite knowledge that taxation decreases damage


Research and reviews

On the effect of regulations on alchohol marketing


A day in the honour of Arthur Guiness is promoted as a day for music

Physicians and musicians protest against the launching of "Arthur's day" in Ireland


At the same time it's expected that youth should drink reasonably. A sham..

Drug dependency is not only physical

Agreement that recovery from drug use requires broad approach


European Commision takes action

What to do about psychoactive substances


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