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Student Drug-Testing Programs: Overview and Resource Guide

Publisert 2004-10-30

At the EURAD summit meeting in Oslo recently the advantages and disadvantages of student drug testing programmes were debated. A new programme is compiled and written by C. E. Edwards & The Student Drug-Testing Coalition. The EURAD board thought it useful to discuss this program, and therefore decided to link to it from their Website, as well as from the sites of the member organisations.
The guide is intended to provide school administrators and others with a concise overview and a useful tool for determining the facts about student drug testing.  It features a compilation of information on the components of a student drug-testing program, including technical information on policy and the drug testing process, the components of a successful program, as well as guidance to well-established standards for any drug-testing program. 

You will find the guide on the netsite of the The Student Drug-Testing Coalition.

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